At Protec Roofing Ltd. we offer the very best flat roofing solutions and installations for large commercial and industrial roofs. From school's, hospital's, and other public sector roofing projects, to office and factory roofs, Protec Roofing Ltd. can provide you with the roofing services you need. 



On very large commercial flat roofs,

the most common system's  installed 

are single ply and felt flat roofs, or a

liquid applied system, these remain

flexible and hence can cope with the

large amount of expansion and

contraction that takes place over the

large areas. These systems are often

used over super markets, shopping

centres, schools, hospitals, etc.

Refurbishing a commercial roof often comes under building control regulations, as regards to the amount of insulation and bringing it in line with current building regulations. This often has a positive effect on reducing the carbon foot print of the business and energy bills. Please refer to our section on Flat Roofing Insulation.  If a roof has a large amount of awkward obstructions like ventilation stacks or sky lights on it, our 'Westwood' reinforced liquid system may well be the best solution.

We look at each roof with your requirements  in mind and do not believe in the "one size fits all" approach to replacement, its not logical. If you have a problem with a large roof and you unable to find out where the leak is coming from there are a few types of electronic leak detection systems we can use available, depending on roof decking and covering. Often, this is a quick way to find the problem and resolve it. 


Commerical Flat Roofing Services:

  • Public sector Flat Roofs

  • Residential Apartment Blocks

  • Medical Centres

  • Office buildings

  • Roofs Over Food Production Areas

  • Sports Complex

  • Shops

  • Factories

  • Box Gutters

  • Valley Gutters 


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